↗️ Webhook Action Tutorial

Thanks @Robert_Petitto for the tutorial.
Really excited to use this.


Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and upskilling us none techy people but have App ideas. This will help a lot of us achieve a lot things.

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Hi @Robert_Petitto, using webhook, I am thinking to export User-specific data to user’s email id (basically, I will give them an option to Send data to their Email id) but I am not really sure how can I compile the data into single source / single file and then send it to User’s email id. Any idea?

What type of file do you want to export to the user? An Excel file I guess?

I am not seeing the password sent via the webhook over in Integromat. I see the authorisation header but no password element. Everything else seems good so far. Anybody had success with this?

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I want to extract User-specific details from Google Sheet linked to Glide App and send it to User using Webhook.

I’m not sure how large your data is but probably you can have a duplicate of your spreadsheet, then use a query combined with importrange to have an adhoc method for extracting data.

Let’s say a@gmail.com wants to extract the data, what you do is send the a@gmail.com value to the destination spreadsheet, then use that value as the “filter” in the query for all sheets to get the data specific to that user.

Afterwards, you can use a template link to download that spreadsheet as a CSV/XLSX file and attach in the email sent to the user.

I did this using Zapier but had to introduce a delay module for the importrange and query to recalculate.

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Could you give me a support link to your app, please?

Can we automate sending this file over email to user?

I’m not sure with Integromat because I haven’t tried yet, but I did it with Zapier. Just use the template download URL of the sheet as an attachment in Zapier.

Okay great. Thanks.
I will come back to you for help when I try this one.

So smart.

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Thanks Bob, the only problem was that I had to delay it for 1 minute to make sure the new data is updated, otherwise we would send out another person’s data.


That’s correct

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Great job!! Very happy for this new feature!!!

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Sooo cool! Thanks for the tutorial!

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Great work Rob.

Any idea if there was a push notification service that could be used using this?

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You can use any notification service that’s supported by Zapier/Integromat…but it would require the user to have that app on their phone. SMS/Email are the easiest to implement.

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@Robert_PetittoI am sure you already figured this out, but you can also return information to Glide by just importing data into the google sheet at end of the scenario for exmple.

Further ou can also use the webhook response to send back data. For exmaple you can redirect the user to a website.

-> Responding to webhooks

I am using Integromat a lot it´s a super cool tool. You If you need any help with it let me know. :+1: