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Hello everyone. I am asking you why the ordinary user cannot see the components that I added in the tab? where I have to set the visibility the same for everyone. My app does not require logging in is open to everyone, but apart from me, nobody can see the content of the “secrets of the parish” tab, I will provide a link so that you understand my problem: https: //

Do you mean this tab?


I see components on the screen. Is there some else that’s still missing?

yes, I added (link) photos, audio, video to these components from google drive - unfortunately others do not see it.

Are you using publicly shared drive links. It’s most likely that nobody else has permission to those files. They have to be made public.

It would be much better if you uploaded your content to Glide. Google Drive causes a lot of problems for hosting files used on a website.

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some time ago I did a rehearsal and it was ok now as I started adding others can’t see it

linking mp4 .mp3 jpg files, i.e. standard

If you can’t view the file in your browser in incognito mode, then nobody else will be able to access the file either. It has to be public. Otherwise only you will be able to see it because you are logged into your own google account. Nobody else is logged into your google account, so they can’t see it.

Make the file public or put in Glide. I’d recommend using Glide for storage anyway.


could you tell me how can i upload files to glide? there are no
options in the spreadsheet for video or audio files.

thank you very much for help :slight_smile:

There’s a variety of ways to do it. The easiest would be to add an image picker or file picker to the screen temporarily to upload the file. This will give you the url of where it’s stored and save it to the sheet. You can also upload images by clicking on a cell under an image column in the glide data editor an upload images that way. I also think there is a way to upload images through the settings of an image component, but I don’t remember for sure.

Doesn’t matter how you do it. Like I said, putting the image picker or file picker somewhere in your app so you can upload the file is the easiest. Then you can copy and past that url wherever you need it in the app.


Everything that Jeff said, plus this:

Thanks again for your help.
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