Image stored in Google drive is not shown

I have an image component referring the link for an image in Google drive. I have restricted the access to certain accounts only. I don’t want to import the image in Glide and also not share it publicly.
It used to work fine and the image gets displayed, but today I am not able to view the image in the app.
What could be the problem? TIA

That’s a very fragile setup.
In order for it to work, the user of the App would also need to be signed into their Google account (separately from the App), and the image would need to be shared with the same account.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust a setup like this, and I wouldn’t do it. Much better to host the image in Glide storage, and then use Glide features to control who can see it - Row Owners, Visibility settings.

Atleast I, as the owner, should be able to view the image.
P.S. I don’t have problem with personally verifying the user who requires access. The target audience is very local and the frequency of new comers is less. So I chose to continue with free plan. The features you mentioned are available with a subscription, I guess.

No. Glide Storage, Row Owners, and Visibility settings are all available on all plans, including the free plan.

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Thanks for your quick replies. I shall check out this method.


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