Can I preview the glide app on more than one phone?

I am a new glider, just created an app gallery for my wife, but I can only preview the app on my phone and not hers or my sisters.

The Problem is,we cant see the photos, its blank, but all other information is shown. When we click the photo area, it says Sign in - Google Accounts, she’s all ready signed into google.

My sister has an iphone and its the same issue.

its probably an issue with the google drive photos, not the app. Make sure they’re anyone with the link can view.

Thanks for the promptness, how do I make them view the link? Are you saying that I must change some settings in my google photos?

This is covered in our documentation.

Can you tell me why you’re storing your images in Google Drive, rather than uploading them to Glide?

Thanks David,

I have no idea that I can upload my images to glide. Just followed instructions on, to build my first trial app and it said that the photos must be hosted online.

I will check out the glide documentation.

Thanks so much.

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@david I can tell why I don’t use glide for image storing. They are out of my control. I cannot delete an image if I want. Further, glide has not been able to describe the storage setup so that I can fulfill GDPR requirements. When this is possible I would gladly switch to glide which would allow easier use of the images I believe.


The problem may be In the way you shared the link
Should be at least ( any one with the link can view )

Thanks Mohamed,

That was the problem, (Any one with the link can view), was not enabled.

I couldn’t do that in google photos but rather from google drive, it’s working now, Thank you all for your inputs.