Visibility Not Differentiating Between Emails

Inline List Visibility not differentiating between different emails.

Inline list component should be visible if row creator is signed in user.

Row has “User’s Email Address” special value added to the row upon submittal of form (Column named “Added by”.
Inline list of row elements from form submittal has following visibility: “Show component when “Added by” is”.
Visibility shows ALL submitted rows for only ONE email address regardless of which email address is included in the “Added by” column.

I think you’re misunderstanding the functionality here.

You say this, but I think you mean that only rows that are created by the signed-in user should be visible to them, not the component level.

This supports my theory above.

What you should do is either:

  • Use the “Added by” column as row owner and always show the component.

  • Filter (not using the component visibility feature, but filter) the inline list by added by is signed-in user.


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