Verify code is not sent


I have a pro app and a user is not able to login because he is not getting the verify mail.

Could I dm you the mail address and could you check them if it is sent at all?

Could this be a delivery (spam) problem?


It it highly likely that it is being routed to their spam folder. There was an outage this around 7AM UTC so it is possible that that could have been the issue. There are no reported cases of the emails not being sent so I would say it is on their receiving end.


I have 2 complains from users who do not get email (including spam) - this is a server delivery issue to this mail host.

I believe the host is denying the mails because of Spam rules (IP, content, …)

Another issue is, that on some browsers user have to re-enter a code every time they visit my app’s Url.


there should be a way to be able to approve a user manually if he doesn’t receive the email

Sorry guys, but this was meant as a bug report to the glide team.