Login/Signup code - problem with some mail providers

Hey guys,

some of our users are not receiving email with the pin code.
Problem emerges e.g. with @t-online (Telekom).
Any cue how to solve this? Is there an alternative way to receive the code?

This is a known issue for months (and not good for me either working in Germany). Unfortunately we have not got it solved:((((((

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Thanks for the information! We will put no more efforts on fixing this problem.

Anyhow: Could you create a workaround to provide access to your app to the @t-online users?

Sadly not - the emails do not get processed by t-online I think… and customer would only discover they have a problem when they keep trying to send a mail and nothing comes back. We could have a message on our web site (we might have something I think - to say ‘please use another email provider’). Not good at all… but a ‘workaround’.

Thanks @Mark_Turrell! this helped us a lot

Please contact the email provider and ask them to allow the emails.

I had this issue with a few corporate clients. Their spam filters were not allowing the email pin to be distributed to users. The resolution for us was to whitelist the @auth.appnotify.io domain which was sending the pin. It worked after that.


I sent a service request to the postmaster service of t-online.de, hope they will answer and resolve it.

But still I’m missing information here if you guys from Glideapps contacted them already and if you considered using another e-mail provider which uses dedicated servers or IPs so you don’t get on different service provider blacklists due to other users on the same domain!

Authentication is a show stopper for app developers and your service promises a worry free solution - this is why I chose to pay you!
There are services providing great reach into customers inboxes like Postmark for example which I used before and never had such issues. So I don’t get why investigation was stopped here!

T-Online replied that they need the Error Log of the SMTP Dialog or at least the IP of the sending system to check the issue.

Can you please provide that here so others can also send requests to providers which face similar issues?

@david can you please let me know what I can answer them to solve the issue?

@SantiagoPerez can support help with this? Thank you.

@Michael_Streiner If you haven’t already created a support Ticket please do. https://glide-help.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Select the bug form and enter all info requested. Also, give us a few of the emails that are not getting the pins so we can look into our logs to see what messages we are getting back from t-online.de.

I will say that t-online.de must have a very low threshold for blocking emails as we have seen more blocks from them than any of the other providers combined.

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I opened a ticket today…

What a strange thing to open a ticket to you saying: please do what your colleague said in this other place…
Maybe your support can also join the community and provide help directly here?

As a support developer at my company (not glide), I can confidently say that a proper ticket system is the best way to get developer support for bugs. The forum is a good first stop to get help with logistical problems from fellow users, or to determine if something is actually a bug or just user error, but everything determined to be an actual bug should be submitted as a ticket.

Speaking from experience as a developer, my job should only be to work on tickets. Unfortunately, I spend 80% of my day fielding questions and doing research instead of taking care of the tickets that I’ve been assigned, which is extremely frustrating and leads to many hours of unpaid overtime just to stay “almost” caught up. That means I’m splitting my time and energy across multiple projects at one time, which leads to everything getting done much more slowly because I can’t focus on one task for more than a few minutes at a time.

If a proper ticketing procedure is followed and proper documentation and steps to reproduce the problem are included, then that will allow Glide staff to properly triage, address, track, and document issues. It also allows them to directly contact you and follow up with questions or results for your ticket. If you don’t open the ticket, then you are not the main contact for that ticket. Relying on the forum for bug tracking is messy, unreliable, and issues can get lost really fast among all of the other posts. Its like using your email inbox as a to-do list. After awhile, things scroll off screen and get forgotten among the rest of the junk in your inbox. I think in the long run, it’s much more efficient and will provide positive results much faster since it doesn’t waste employee resources to decipher which forum posts are actual legitimate bugs and which posts are not.

There are a handful of glide staff that do monitor the forum, but it’s still ultimately a forum for end user communication. Requesting entry of a ticket is only to help Glide properly track issues while allowing them to maintain contact with the user that entered the ticket.


Sure, I know how it should work.
I just thought that most ticket systems also allow to open tickets for a user when they ask for it.
Then everything can be followed up there as it is done right now.
I’ll keep interested people up to date here and would recommend to keep this discussion out.
I was just frustrated about the ping pong happening since last year as it seems.

We are migrating support systems. We just moved from Zendesk to Hubspot today, so, should have less pingponging!

Support doesn’t provide help directly here because customers often share private information, and they rarely share enough info here.


Thanks for the info, please share the new support link for us once you migrate so we can use the proper link in the forum.

The T-Online postmaster replied that they need you to contact your supplier (Mailgun) to contact the postmaster@t-online.de as only these two parties can clarify the issue.
This is also written like that in the error log I received from your support.
Should I open another ticket for that or can you take care?

I also reached out to Mailgun already, but since I’m not their customer, I doubt that they will take action without your action.