Login/Signup code - problem with some mail providers

Hey guys,

some of our users are not receiving email with the pin code.
Problem emerges e.g. with @t-online (Telekom).
Any cue how to solve this? Is there an alternative way to receive the code?

This is a known issue for months (and not good for me either working in Germany). Unfortunately we have not got it solved:((((((

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Thanks for the information! We will put no more efforts on fixing this problem.

Anyhow: Could you create a workaround to provide access to your app to the @t-online users?

Sadly not - the emails do not get processed by t-online I think… and customer would only discover they have a problem when they keep trying to send a mail and nothing comes back. We could have a message on our web site (we might have something I think - to say ‘please use another email provider’). Not good at all… but a ‘workaround’.

Thanks @Mark_Turrell! this helped us a lot

Please contact the email provider and ask them to allow the emails.

I had this issue with a few corporate clients. Their spam filters were not allowing the email pin to be distributed to users. The resolution for us was to whitelist the @auth.appnotify.io domain which was sending the pin. It worked after that.