PIN Not Received

My app’s URL:
We have 5 users who are not receiving the pin. They search all the inboxes, they search the subject name that the pin sends, and they search the email the pin sends from.

What do you advise in these cases? Their email is linked to a subscription so ideally we need that email to be used for their app account.

Is there any way for us to still give them access under that email despite them not being able to receive a pin?

We have a pro account.


Check spam folders and make sure your email provider isn’t blocking the email. Maybe try an email from a different domain.

Hi Jeff,

1000 other users all got the pin successfully and in our tests it works.

So for the 5 it doesnt work, is there any reason that they could not be getting the pin?


Is there anything in common, like all the same domain? Did they check the spam folder? Are those user’s all using a third party spam filter? Did they perform a second pin request?

Yes, so two of them are email address:

They performed many many pin requests

Any idea how to ensure pin’s are sent to email addresses?


So the issue is definitely with emails not receiving the pins.

And also users not receiving the pin.

Can you let me know what to do to resolve this so that people with these internet providers do get the pin emails?


I’m not sure what to do other than maybe have the user try to whitelist any emails from or contact the email provider to see what’s going on. You haven’t really specified if they checked their spam folder, so make sure they check that first.