Massive non-delivery of PINs from

Dear Support Team,

I am writing this bug report to inform you of a critical issue that my clients have been facing over the past few days. They are not receiving any login PINs sent from

My clients have confirmed that the spam folder is empty, indicating that the PINs are not even being marked as spam. This is causing a significant inconvenience for my client, and they require immediate assistance to resolve the issue.

I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter, as this issue is critical to my clients’ business operations. If any additional information is needed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and assistance in resolving this issue.


Are they using the same email domain? There were cases in the past that the domain provider was blocking emails from

No, they don’t belong to the same domain address.

Is there a possibility you can replicate this on your end?