Pin Code not sent

My app’s URL:

I have a user who has repeatedly request PIN codes. He’s waiting 30 minutes, PIN hasn’t showed up

Has he checked his spam folder?

Yes. By the way, this happens to me from time-to-time, and I need to submit multiple requests to get the PIN.

Is it common with a certain email domain?

Every time we check on this, we see that we sent the PIN code immediately, but that the receiving inbox had some delay on its end.

Do you get a delay with a Gmail address, for example?

I’m not sure about that. I’ve had the problem with my gmail account, but then I always recovered by asking for another code an extra time or 2. I don’t know the user’s email domain, and I don’t know if he’s been requesting additional PINs

What I’ve noticed with the gmail address is that I wait for an extended time. Then I request another PIN, and I get 2 emails

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User says:
I signed up here via LinkedIn auth, so it uses

I think he misunderstood my question, I will rephrase the question

He confirms that the domain is He owns the domain

My logins page shows that he hasn’t logged in, but maybe that is expected since he hasn’t received the PIN

I did. The problem seems to be resolved. My app was public with email (not email whitelist!!) and it took a loooong time to analyze the email. Most of the times what happened was that it was just loading for 3 minutes and then told me the email didn’t have access to the app. It really sucked. And then, when i tried it again a million times, and it finally brought me to the pin screen, it kept saying that the pin was incorrect - I was copy and pasting it! It took, like, an hour to get into my app.

However, the problem seems to be fixed :slight_smile:

Would this problem go away if we hosted the app ourselves? I also have users reporting that the app hangs when they first log in. After trying again it works. But this is troublesome for us, because some users will just give up and not use the app.