No login code / PIN code sent after signing up...?!

“PIN code not sent”…I know, we had this already but wasn´t solved, was it? :thinking:

I have one user who cannot sign in with her mail account (otherwise functioning) cause she still simply doesn´t receive that PIN code… (spam check negative)…?! :persevere:

What’s her email provider? Yahoo is notoriously hard to deliver to.

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…it‘s Telekom (… in Germany…don‘t know any other Telekom user round me at the moment…otherwise would‘ve tested with them…:smirk:

@david Also one of my customers with a address isn’t receiving the code.

Some problem today. Tested several users and different devices in different countries.

Also, another issue was that existing users got messages saying that email was not registered even if listed as users list.

I’m not sure that this is an issue. When I logout as a registered user, and then try to login again, I’ll by default get a new pin, while my datas will remain intact, I still have to repeat the process again.

Tks, but I know that. the whole point was the new pin sent I the email was never coming

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