Users Not Receiving PIN

When users are signing up to my website, they are not receiving a PIN to sign in. Can someone help explain what might be causing this?

Are you on a Maker plan? If so, are the users who aren’t getting the PIN email using a personal email address? Business email addresses aren’t allowed on the Maker plan. You can read more about this here.

If you have a different plan, the vast majority of the time the user is getting the PIN email, but it was filtered into a spam or promotion folder. Have them search their whole inbox for an email from “”.

It’s rare, but occasionally a mail server will block a PIN email because it thinks the email is a phishing scam. When this happens, it’s usually when the app name includes suspicious words, like “account”, etc.

If they still can’t find the PIN email and you’re not on a Maker plan, you’ll need to provide Glide support with an example email address so they can check the logs.


Thank you, Marcel! I have a Business plan. It must be filed away or in their ecosystem somewhere then.

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