Values from Lookup columns showing in UI but not in published app

(First time Glide-builder here)

One of my tabs is a List view whose Titles and Images are powered by Lookup columns defined in the Data Editor for the appropriate tab.

The item titles and images render fine when I view them in the Glide UI (see RHS screenshot in the attachment), BUT when I publish my app then these titles and images are blank when viewed on my phone or at the app’s URL (see LHS screenshot in the attachment). In trying to debug this I tried creating the lookup column manually in the google sheet itself (using an arrayformula) and that method renders fine in my published app. So it seems like there’s something preventing the Lookup values from the Data Editor making it through to the published app? For what it’s worth, the Relation column powering the Lookup columns IS NOT set to match multiple.

Would you mind sharing your app, please?

Hi Mark. Sorry for the inconvenience, but is there a way to share the link privately with you? It’s a product prototype I’d rather not circulate at the moment.

Click on a user’s name and click Message to do a private message.

@psik Like Jeff said, you can PM me.

Thanks! Done.

There are two problems, one is with your data model, the other is a bug in Glide:

  1. You have a row owner column set in your “Users” table, which means that each user only has access to their own row in that table. The “Contacts” table does a lookup into another user’s row in Users, which comes up empty, because users don’t have access to other user’s rows.
  2. The Glide builder doesn’t show that like it should. We’ll fix that soon.

Ah, that makes sense. I’ll have a think about whether I can accomplish the same thing efficiently with better use of the Data Editor, or otherwise I’ll settle for the in-sheet workaround. Thanks a lot for the speedy triaging - much appreciated!