Lookup column value is empty


I am trying to use the value of a lookup column to display/hide a button. The lookup value points to a text field, with the text value “true”. This value also shows in the lookup column.

However, when I try to use this lookup column in the visibility section for a button (I want to display the button when the value in the lookup column is “true”), it does not work. When I select 'value is empty, it works. This means it considers the value of the lookup column as blank.

Any way to fix this?

Does the table containing lookup value use row owners? The data editor ignores row owners, but the app side respects them. The data editor may not be completely accurate in showing values from rows under row ownership

Are you sure that your screen is pointing to the correct row?

Hi Jeff.

The most left column is a regular text field, and the most right column does a lookup on the most left.

Here you can see an example. The second row has “true” as its value in the left column, and the lookup column on the first row also shows this “true” value.

I have checked the conditions, but they are set up correctly.

Schermafbeelding 2022-03-10 om 14.47.35

So I’m not sure what to do now.

So I assume you are not using row owners?

I’m not sure I follow. The lookup column is pulling the value from the last row in the same table? How are you getting that lookup value? I assume through a relation? Which relation and how is that relation set up?

The second question, is which row is your detail screen pointing to? Are you sure it’s the first row?

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Yeah, I think we need to see the configuration of that Lookup column. Something definitely looks off there.


There is a relation with a value column A to column B. I made this relation to access the value that comes up with my Lookup column.

My details screen is pointing to the row where the lookup value is “true” (have checked this in the data), so I’m sure that is setup correctly

OK, so it’s like a search with a user specific column and you are looking for a matching row that contains the same VIN, correct?

Two things I would check:

  • Does the ‘true’ in VoertuidFotoUploadCheck contain any extra spaces before or after the word ‘true’?
  • Does your visibility condition contain any spaces before or after the word ‘true’?

How is VoertuidFotoUploadCheck set? Is there a reason it’s a text column instead of a boolean column?

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I found the issue, I thought the user-specific column just couldn’t be used in the lookup column, but I wasn’t aware the lookup couldn’t use it in the relation column that the lookup column is using. I have changed it to a regular column, and now it’s working.

Thanks, everyone!


I think there is a confusion here: you can use a USC with a Lookup column, no problem with it… the problem is what you will see/get using it.

If you want to have valid values applied to all users or any case (let’s say a “Public” value), you have to use a real/regular column to achieve it. Instead, if you work with USCs the data shown on screen is only valid for the current signed-in user on your APP (“Private” value).



Lookup values are not showing up when referenced in a component. Seems like there is a bug in this for some reason.


Got a video that describes the setup and demonstrates the problem?

Hey Darren! It seems to be functioning correctly now. :slight_smile:

You already posted that question here.
Please don’t post the same question in multiple threads.

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