Results of Lookup non-visible

I use Lookup to retrieve some values in the data editor. But its results are not available as a column in the drop-down lists (when I choose what to depict). What do I do wrong?

PS. Forgive me if I have lost my ability to think after hours in front of the screen!

Are you using a lookup on a multiple relation column? If so, it won’t work properly.

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Now that you mention that, it’s absolutely clear.

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I’m not sure if this is the same problem, but I’m currently trying to set a visibility setting for one screen based upon a lookup from a different screen (different sheet) and I’m getting the opposite response.
My visibility settings are for it to appear when it is “NOT empty” and it only appears when I set it to “IS empty”. I’ve quadruple checked this and I can’t figure out why it’s not working.
Any ideas?

Is your lookup based on a multiple match relation?

The lookup is only based on a single relation.

Has your relation ever been set to Multiple in the past?
Does the Lookup contain a value in the data editor?
Are Empty and Not Empty the only choices you have? Would it be better to check IS blank or IS NOT blank?
Are you viewing the details of the correct row?

If you have any screenshots of your relation and lookup settings, and filters you may have of the screen and the visibility settings, they may help us out.

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Hi Jeff,
When I was trying to figure out what was wrong, I did test it with multiple (even though it won’t ever have to be).
The lookup in the data editor does contain a value.
No, there are other visibility components but it’s the lookup that is creating the problem. In one list the one that are blank appear and in the other list are the ones that are not blank.
Yes, viewing the details in the right row.

I’ve taken a couple screenshots. Note that the button that is currently showing should not be showing since the lookup in the data editor does contain value. The second screenshot shows the visibility components for a button that is not showing, but should be showing since the lookup contains value (but appears if I switch the lookup to "IS empty).

What type of column is your Signalled Complete column looking up? Can your share some of the expected values in that column as well?

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The signalled complete looks up another “signalled complete” column in another sheet that gets incremented when someone clicks a button on a different screen.
In the screen shots, they can “commencer (begin) the visit” which takes them to another screen that has information they need to fill out (linked to another sheet) as well as a button that is called “complete the visit” which increments the signalled complete in that sheet, consequently modifying the lookup signalled complete.

Hi Jeff,
Any thoughts as to why this is going a bit haywire? Still seems to be happening.

Sorry, playing catch up on some old posts. Did you ever get anywhere with this?