UX Problem with Magic Link on Mobile


I have noticed a severe issue with Glide Login Pin System that costs me a crazy amount of conversions!

Here is the problem:

  1. Client receives an email to login to their client portal in Glide
  2. They client on the link in their mobile phone from Gmail (this opens a tab in Gmail)
  3. They add their email on the login screen
  4. They get sent the login pin

For them to get the PIN they need to go back to their emails, which forces them to close the email tab where they are being asked to add the PIN.

As a result, people click on the Done button, but then need to request a new PIN when they realize they get redirected back to the login screen to submit their email.

This is not a technical bug but a pretty severe UX bug.

What can we do?

The link in the pin email should open the app and authenticate directly. This is not happening?

It looks like the Open app directly authenticated links are not working.

This button should authenticate the user automatically.

Is that just on my site or in general?

We found the bug and have created a fix. This affects all apps.


Cool, that fix is not live yet though? Just checking because I still don’t get the button in the email

It will be live in a week.