Pin login issues

We received this email from a beta tester. Maybe someone here can interpret what his issue is or what he is doing? I surmise that he is logging out potentially each time he uses it cause the pin process to repeat but the stuff about the google email changing I have no idea what he means. The app in question does restrict views based on the logged in user but I don’t think that is in play in this.

"Currently I’m facing several login issues. I’m logging in with the same email and instead of going to the account I created, it seems to link with my Google account. That is to say it logs in as a new user with my Google display pic and I can actual find my square jaw account as a creator account but have no access to it.

Also, if I could critique, the pin verification is a bit tedious as a user. Reason being as it is a mobile platform (can’t seem to log in on pc) a user would have to exit page, enter Gmail (or relevant mail app) find email, open email, copy pin, return to Wandertale page.

I’m sure you’ve probably looked at this but perhaps a verification sms would be more user friendly. They usually pop up at the top of the screen and users can type them in straight from the notification."

I seem to recall some talk way back in the spectrum days of of the profile picture pulling from Gravatar. I’m wondering if that is happening in this case.

I’ve never personally had issues with the browser or the installed app forgetting the login info and having to log in again. I wonder if they are somehow blocking cookies or dumping cache on a regular basis.

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We are working on new ways to login, we know the pin method can be tedious!

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