Login using different pin

My app’s URL: https://joelawnservice.glideapp.io/


Do I user have to enter a new pin number whenever they login?

If I understand it right, you’re already using the “Email with login” option. When people login via the email box (not the sign-in by Google) they will be sent a different pin each time.

Thank you… I thought the each user only needed to use a pin number for their initial login.

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Nice looking app by the way :smile:

Thank you so much. This is my first app. :slight_smile:

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How many apps have you built?

A lot, Larry. I lost count of it. I build apps for my agency as well so it might have to be 40 something lol.

Wow that’s awesome…

If you have anything I can help with just let me know, my pleasure to help :smile: