Using Pages for an attractive landing page

Okay, I had my doubts when I started to tackle the Pages experience. At first, I was frustrated with what was missing from Apps, but as I got into the process, this project became a great learning experience with the new tool and not only am I very happy with the result, I look forward to my next more complex app conversion.

This Webapp (my new favorite term) is really meant to be a single landing page with pretty static text. User interaction is minimal - just a CTA option (with some links still in dev) and translation options. But I needed to make this anyways, and using Glide was a good choice.

So my primary reason for sharing (my first Showcase!) is that I’ve seen a few concerned comments about the visual options in Pages, and I want to let my fellow Gliders know that a lot can be done to make a Page beautiful as well as functional. I do look forward to the many updates that will be coming this year to make Glide even better.

Link to the app/page is
I am using a Pro account for this project.



Your tool to translate the info is amazing. It’s so good that I’m trying to understand what is trick to get it! :rofl:
Any tip for the friends?


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Looks great!

Minor nitpick: the official language of Singapore is actually English, not Chinese :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I am working from a list and am tweaking it here and there, so I appreciate the feedback.

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The text that I’ve translated is fixed so this is not a live translating tool. There is a way to do it live, but it was slowing down the app loading so I figured out a plan B.

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Do double check of course, but for the language picker, it’s 中国 rather than 中国人.

Nice Pages showcase, congratulations for your first one!

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Thanks I’m relying on Google Translate but I know it’s not going to be 100% accurate. I love that you actually know what it should be

Wow! I barely recognized Glide.


In English, there is one single word whose nature changes (sometimes it’s an adjective, sometimes it’s a noun) to describe multiple concepts: the people of a country (the French), their language (I speak french), and a descriptor of things related to the country (french cheese). This is not the case in Japanese or Mandarin for instance. The translation you used is “the people of the country”.

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Thank you, I realize this isn’t the target use case for Glide, but it was a great exercise in wrapping my head around how to navigate and construct with Pages. There is something about the crispness and cleanliness of Glide that really makes things pop on the screen. And it scales pretty good from mobile to desktop, and I expect that will get even better with dev time.


What if you can move this button to top (header section)? :wink:

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Great work! Congratulations.

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That would look great on desktop but not so much on mobile.

Looks great. You’re one of the better designers… :sweat_smile:


Thanks. But I sure don’t know a thing about coding! We all have our strengths. My background is in architecture and interior design so I have a high standard when it comes to graphics.


Update - I had to pull the page due to the FDA deciding that something that occurs naturally in our bodies (stem cells) should be classified as a drug. :roll_eyes: But you can still view the page here if you would like to see it for design purposes: KB

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quick question
How did you do the dropdown text on the ‘FAQ’ section

You can check this walkthrough about the summary tag.

Here’s the link

i don’t know anything about coding. how will i use it in glide and which component?

You just need to follow the structure in the link above.

  <summary>The "title" tag.</summary>
  The details part.

It must be displayed using rich text component.