🔀 Translate a Page to Any Language and Create HTML elements

A new Template for Pages:

Translate your Page and adjust elements with HTML… Glide Pages.

No API key, and no quota limits. It takes only 1 row in the Glide table.


Wow! And it scales without glitches!

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I was thinking about your computer LOL!
its translates well to Russian?

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Yes! Well!

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That makes me Happy!

how fast to translate?

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Great!!! I have it way under 1 sec… but that is really good… a whole page… all elements under 1 sec… plus HTML transforming :wink:

It will be great if Glide can provide this natively in Glide if it no cost for updates so may be 5$ per month.

all my apps are unlimited rows, updates, and syncs… so is not in my interest for Glide to change that… LOL… and I assume, is not in Glide’s interest too.


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I created the template for Apps… you can buy it by clicking the button there.

I wrote HTML in that template, the way that it will work on Pages too, so just copy and paste…


Just bought your template. Which part should i copy to make it work in my own apps? :slight_smile:

All the columns… and scripts. I have a new template coming soon. It will be a Page template. I figured out how to do script templates for pages.
Please try it… let me know if it works better.

I’m still testing the faster option.

Works great - it also works seamlessly when changing page/tab.

Can you make a loom video etc to show how we can implement on our own side with your scripts and all? :slight_smile:

It will come with manuals and images, like my templates in the Templates Market.

The one you bought… The best advice is to open two editors on the same screen and manually copy them one by one column and elements… meaning typing in… Glide does not have an option like Google Sheets to copy and Paste formulas.

But this is an excellent way to practice my method… It will make you understand better and get more out of it for your App.

Try to experiment with your App, and if you get stuck… just email me… I will be out for 10 hours today, so don t expect a fast response :wink:

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Appreciate it - will post my progress :smiley:

@slscustom.ru can you do me a favor and test again the new version? I made it super fast and easy and it is already in the market to buy.

Hello Uzo! I didn’t understand how live translation works. I had inputted Russian text and English text, but it doesn’t translate when the page is in Russian.

It was set to auto-detection, so you would have to enter more than one word. I changed to the device language, so it is less confusing and added the language button next to it.

does that mean that if I have an existing application in French, with your system I could have a translated version for any language without having to add rows all the way?