Translating my Glide app

I want to translate my app automatically to several languages.
I have a travel app which means the translation can’t be based on localization.
What are the options, please ? I can’t find anything in the documentation.

You can ask your customers to right click and translate with google or you can use Flutterflow.

@Stef Thanks for the reply. @glide what do you think of this reply and my case ?

We’ll soon have integrations that help with this.


@david Thank you, do you have an idea when approximately you will have this new integration ?
I need to know if I can wait or if I should find alternative options.

Thanks, I have looked at it but it doesn’t seem to work with glide app… does it ?

Hello David, I am interested to in this integration. I’ve tried Zapier action but no success.

Any tips will be apreciatte.

Many thanks!

Albert Puig

I have one for Glide Apps and one for Pages.
But the idea is the same.
You can see it on my new page:

All pages’ text and buttons are instantly translated into 67 languages.

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Hi David,
Are there any news?
Any tips will be apreciatte. Thanks!

I think this is your best choice for now.

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