Current options for localizing pages

What are the current options for localizing all the content in a Page app ?.. I’m referring to the text that is inside the tables but also the one generated by Glide.

I’m interested in creating a multilingual Page App.

You can make all text in columns and use google translate before displaying it in App, I have a sample here:


@Uzo Thanks for sharing … some questions regarding this

  1. Is it possible to translate also the name on the buttons , tables etc … I see that some of them remain in english even if I choose another language

  2. Can you detail a little more the steps needed to achieve this … I’m not sure exactly to what you are referring… to have the texts in the default language and after that to us Google Translate ? And how to use Google translate inside Glide ?


@Dilon_Perera can you also have a look at this when you have time and maybe give me some tips on how to achieve this ?

@Darren_Murphy, @ThinhDinh do you guys know how Uzo’s app was created and how I can implement Google translate inside of a Glide Page ?

The only thing you can’t translate is the names of the tabs and the App name. The rest is up to you.
All the text and buttons have to be in columns, not directly written into elements.
Google has an API that you can fetch translation… but I stopped using it due to 2 seconds delay and the accuracy of translation. I developed an instant, almost 100% accurate technique, and much easier to apply (only for my paid customers).

I’m assuming there is a cost involved that’s why you are not mentioning the details … can you share the cost price , and the solution that you will provide for that amount ?

If it’s something where I need to translate all the columns and have a million of columns or if it’s something that simply translates the frontend.


Yes, for advanced solutions, most likely, I would go to a paid Zoom meeting (I have pricing on my website)
There is no “simply translate front-end” solution, and there is no need for millions of columns, LOL (unless you have millions of tabs in your App)
My solutions are simple, unlimited, and not involving third-party platforms like Make or Zapier… you will have complete control.
Translating the page system takes up to 2 hours of Zoom help., depending on the complexity of your app and other requests.