Users cannot login


My users cannot login. On the login page it states they do not have access even though the day prior everything was working fine and there have not been any changes. I have been using the app for a long time and have not come across this issue. Any suggestions for how to fix?

Please share screenshots of your privacy settings.

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Hi Please find images of the privacy settings and the screen my users get. the data goes back to the attached screen shot that shows where the email list is to allow users to use.

Thank you for providing the screenshot, but it seems there’s a misunderstanding here. For privacy reasons, it would be helpful to see the settings in the Privacy section, as requested by Darren. Please upload a screenshot from that section when you have a chance, so we can best understand the full context of the issue.

The screen shot you shared is the Users & Authentication settings. That is not what I asked for. I asked to see your Privacy settings:

Hello, I am having the same problem. I added the screenshot. My users with different domain names cannot log in.

Have the users that can’t login been added to your Users table?

yes they are attached

6 Eki 2023 Cum 14:23 tarihinde Darren Murphy via Glide Community <> şunu yazdı:

Please submit a support ticket.