User verification solution?

Is it at all possible to create a user verification process where users have access to a free section of an app but and has to upgrade the membership to gain access to VIP or a paid section. So, for example, the user will buy an access code and on the input of this code, the paid sections become visible. Any suggestions will be welcome.

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Hi @Nigel_Mendoza,

You can most definitely do this. I currently have an app for affiliates but it is public with login. To prevent anyone who happens across the app to signup and see private pages I do this exact thing.

  • In your user sheet create a column for their code and a column for a validation flag.
  • base the visibility of all private tabs on the validation flag of each user (assign the email column as row owner in the user sheet)
  • create a page where the users can input their codes (either an editable field or a form, if using a form, more work will be required to extract/validate the code, so I prefer to use a user input text field linked directly to the code column)
  • you should have a list of valid codes somewhere in the sheet to compare to the submitted codes
  • if the code is valid the validation cell should change to true exposing all the private sheets (a simple formula in sheets or lookup in the data editor should do)
  • to “lock in” the code you can also disable/hide the code entry page (or component) using the validation flag in reverse (hide if valid)

Please let me know if the above helps, or if you have any further questions!

Thanks, @Cmstewart42 Ahhh Honestly this is my first attempt with glide and I’m not at familiar with sheet formulas so yes Help!!!

@Nigel_Mendoza what specifically above would you like more information on?

I would first setup all the fields I mentioned and then manually enter values for testing. Once glide is configured to show/hide in the correct way and store values in the right place, then you can automate the validation process (which should be pretty straightforward once all the data and reference information is ready)

I understand all up to how the validation process will work. I will create the codes (would there be a limit to the number of codes I can create?) what exactly must be done to validate once a code is submitted. This is where I`m lost. Am using a look up function or a relation for this process?

Ok so the limit of codes is only limited by the glide subscription level (500 rows total for free, then upwards from there for paid. Note this is total used rows in all sheets).

The validation can be done in two places

  1. The spreadsheet itself using standard sheet functions
  2. The glide data editor

Performancewise the editor is faster but has fewer options, though if you are simply doing a text match, the data editor should be fine.

You could use a relation in the validation column that matches the entered code column (both on the user sheet) to the codes in the code sheet. If there are any matches the column ID is returned.

You can then toggle visibility of pages based on the “Validation is not empty” property of the relation column.

This is discussed a bit here:

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