👀 Codes/Lookup/ImportRange/Row Count - Help Needed 🤔

Hey Glide Community!

I’m asking for your help - I’ve been racking my :brain: trying to figure out if this is possible or not and I don’t want to promise an outcome for my client - so I figured I’d ask this brilliant community first!


Would it be possible for a user to enter a code in-app, lookup and validate that code *in an external sheet NOT connected/counted by Glide, resulting in if code exists (isTrue) execute Action 1, if code doesn’t exist (isFalse) execute Action 2 (go back, re-enter code, etc.)…

*The client has over 1,000,000 active codes at any/one-time…so I’m assuming it would slow the app down a lot, if not overload it completely(?) if the sheet was connected (as Google Sheets has a 5 million cell maximum).

I assume this IS possible - any help, thoughts, insights, ideas, similar use cases out there?

Thanks! :pray:t2:

You’d probably have to do a lot of sheet magic, whether it’s through a vlookup, query, script, or some other method. The entered code would first have to be written to the sheet for google to query the table of active codes. The problem is the user may have to wait a few seconds for the results of the sheet query to make it back into glide. Only then can you perform actions based on that result returned to glide.


Yeah, that’s kinda where my heads at too. Thanks for the reply!

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This made me think if we can utilize a combination of API + Glide to do this. The sheet with 1 million codes would act as the API to query from, then we do the actions in Glide based on the API query result.


Hello, I have an application with 25000 rows, the mobile freezes.
And on desktop pc it works better.
I made an app with a part of what you propose, it does a search on a database of 8000 rows. in this case it was only informative.
It does not produce any action. I share the link.
This in Spanish. I attach some photos so that you can enter a valid code or product.
I hope it helps you as an idea

Hi, I made this app. For a customer who has multiple providers. Search 6 different lists. All providers present the price lists in Excel in different formats.
Every time you search for a product you have to go through all the lists.
I managed to make a fairly effective search engine.
It does not consume lines. Alone. 9:
And I have 8000 products listed.


Thought about that too. Could really be useful once the API column is available, but from the sounds of it, that’s a ways off yet.

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It’s a very simple use case - ie, the API would just need to return something that could be interpreted as true/false. It might even be possible with what’s already in staging (?)

@ehdubya - does you client expose these codes via an API, or could they?

Also, does the result need to be shown to the user immediately? (it appears yes?)

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Thanks for trying to help me get this working Darren (and anyone else). It’s much appreciated.

1.) The client is building an API now, but it won’t be available to me anytime soon. :expressionless:

2.) See below for explanation, but yes the result of the user “verifying” this code should be shown immediately.

*Without giving away too much (I am bound to a NDA), here’s the flow:

A) User opens/lands on HTML5 built page, receives code, claims code.

B) Client redeems and validates code for user (in person or remotely as of late) and page updates. On validation page, the original code is shown.

All of the above is what I’m trying to tie into their Glide app via web view/open link components.

C) I want to get the user (or automate this process, for less user friction :nerd_face:) to be able to enter this validation code into the app, in order to execute actions in a gamified way (*quick shout out to @Robert_Petitto for his Gamify Glide vids on YouTube and @Lucas_Pires apps - they provided much of the inspiration for this app build. Cheers gentlemen!)

So yes, it would be a lookup if the code exists (isValidated) in order to set a true/false value and then yes, following this T/F result would be an ITE column to render the appropriate Action(s), thus showing the result to the user, inside the app.

Sorry - hard to not be cryptic AND explain this simply :woozy_face:

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Okay. The reason I asked about the timing is because a solution you could use now (if an API is available) would be to call the external API using App Script and write the result to your Google Sheet. But this would be a delayed action, so would probably be a clunky user experience.

For instant results, the API call really needs to be made from Glide, not from the GSheet. Whilst this isn’t available now, we’ve been given an indication that this is something the Glide team is working on, and so it’s possibly going to be an option sometime in the future. We just don’t know when :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you for the shoutout!

You use a simple IMPORTRANGE from the other sheet that has the data.

Glide enters the data into the google sheet, then the sheet with the stored data has a column that imports that data , looks up the result and your glide sheet imports the result column. It works instantaneously, I do this with a data set of over 95,000 rows. I believe somewhere on this forum is a full blown explanation of me doing it actually.

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Thanks @Drearystate - I’ll look into finding this tutorial!