Gated Content (access code)

Hello everybody,
I hope someone can help me with the following problem:

I would like to only grant access to my client’s app when the user enters a valid access code.
This code needs to be valid for 30 days only and is ideally generated automatically or on demand.
Does anyone have experience with this kind of build? Also, I am not really familiar with any coding so a no-code solution would be great!

I have looked for different solutions but I couldn’t find any for glide. Memberstack won’t work, unfortunately.

Thank you in advance!

You have two options:

  1. Make your app public. Allow any user to sign in and request a code…once they enter the code (on some sort of details/edit screen) it unlocks tab visibility to the rest of the app.
  2. Make your app private. Only allow users in the users profile sheet to sign into the app. OUTSIDE of your app, you create a request interface/automation that adds their email and timestamp to the app’s whitelist. Use more automations/scripting to delete the row after 30 days if they haven’t verified that they signed in (some other column in the users table that they fill out upon onboarding)

Hey @Robert_Petitto. How can I make an app private after having published it public. I cannot see the function in the settings anymore.

In the editor navigate to Settings → Privacy → Private

Be sure to have your user profiles configured correctly. You can double check the Source of your User profiles by navigating to Settings → Users & authentication

To check the configuration click on ‘Edit user profiles’

Hey @Eric_Penn. How can I define a allowed email list after finishing app development. I already set up and connected the general user list and don´t want switch to another allowed user list now.

Well assuming you switched your app to private then by default the User Profiles IS your allowed email list. You could just copy and paste the emails you’d like to have access into your User Profiles table or Delete the one’s you don’t.

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