App Accessibility

Good Morning. I have questions about how to restrict usage of an app.

  1. How do i restrict access to the app for a non-paying user?

  2. If i unpublish the app, does every user lose access to the app?

  3. Are there other ways to make it that unauthorized users can’t access the app?

  4. How do we permanently disable an app?

An option to restrict access to the app is to make it ‘Private’

Alternatively you could allow users to access only parts of the app using conditional visibility.

If you unpublish I assume you don’t want people to view/use the app?

Use a private app

Do you mean delete an app?


I currently have a “pro” app. Are you saying that I have to upgrade from pro to private in order to restrict user access to the app?

It depends on your requirements for the app.

Have you read this? :arrow_down: It does go into details.

If, however, you want people to use the app and only have limited access ( if for example they pay to get access to extra features or data) then you could consider using conditional visibility to hide/show parts of the app.

It really depends on your needs. :+1:

Thanks, I read the link. I need them to be able to sign in but I also need to be able to control whether or not they can sign in. I want people to be able to use the app but for example if they violated guidelines or did not pay their subscription on time I need to be able to restrict them from being able to sign back into the app.

I assume that you have user profiles enabled and in your user profile table, you have a column to indicate whether or not the user has access. That user profile row for the signed in user is accessible throughout the app to use for tab visibility, filters, and component visibility. You can can set those filters and visibility based on a specific value in the user’s user profile row.

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