Unpublish/Archive/disable App

Is there a way to unpublish or archive an app. I don’t want to delete the app in case I need it in future. Just want to make it inaccessible and not in use.

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You can set a password that you don’t share with anyone.

Okay. But it still keeps it under org’s and stays on the billing plan and cycle.

Ah, in an org, under your Billing settings, click the three-dots next to your app and choose ‘Unpublish’.

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I don’t see ‘unpublish’ after clicking the three dots, is there another way ?

I think this is outdated.

Try going to settings > plan > and switch to free plan

Thanks @Pablo_books

However, switching to personal (free) - shows this:

i already switched the app to private with a password. so i don’t know what ‘rules’ here. this message, or the password.?

i prefer not to ‘experiment’ i do not want this publicly accessible even for a minute.

I do not believe that is true. You can have a free private app.
However, I would agree with you. I wouldn’t risk it. Perhaps contact support@glideapps.com

Til the bitter end…

Thanks so much @Pablo_books

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Duplicate the app, don’t publish the duplicate, then delete the original app.