Post-Event - Can I Hide/Unpublish App from Public View?

Our event is finished now so I would like to hide/unpublish the app so it is not accessible by the public, but want to keep the same URL link so we can use it next year. Is there a way to do this?

I suppose I could just hide the tabs, but I thought I would ask if there’s another way.

Thank you!

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Glide don’t offer that for this moment. Alternatively, you can limit the access to your app by setting the privacy to Sign In with password.

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Change the link and it will immediately become unavailable to anyone with the old link.

Otherwise, set a password if you didn’t have one before.

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(If you want to reserve the same URL, you could create another basic app at that same URL, but we’d prefer you not do this.)

I would hide the tabs like you said and add one that shows a message with what you would like to say “Coming soon …”


Thank you everyone! I think I will just hide the tabs for now.

My bosses and entire team LOVED the app! So grateful for the Glide team working hard to make it easier for the rest of us to code apps using Google Sheets!

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I am searching for a way to unpublish an app I no longer need. I found this thread, but it’s 1.5 years old. I am wondered if the feature of unpublishing an app has been added? I am not seeing that option in the privacy setting. Thanks!

Nope (at least for free apps).