User Sign in Multiple Times error

For my gamification app, I had students complete a Google form that collected their email and other creds. When they went to sign in with Google on the app, it added their email to the bottom of the profiles sheet again…This then makes an error for the whole app.

Any fixes? I feel like maybe it is just something to do with the sign in part.

The problem is your Google Form. Is there a reason why you don’t use Glide’s form, and why do you want to write new rows to a user profiles sheet?

I wanted them to all have an avatar picture and was unsure of how to use the glideapp form for that. I have since “unlinked” the google form and have just been copy/pasting over the data into the user profile sheet. Has not fixed the issue entirely…

You’ll likely have to remove the link between your GForm and your user profile sheet. Once a user signs in, use relations to pull in the info they entered into the GForm to add it to their app profile.