User Profile Protection

I am importing the user profile as arrayformula from a members register.

If a user change the photo the arrayformula will crash.

If I protect the photo column in Glide the photo will not display in app.

Is there another way to protect the arrayformula or restrict the user to change the photo?

You should point the Edit Form to the original Members table. If you want protection that limits each user to see actually only their row - use Row owners

So, limited table(that you achieve with ARRAYFORMULA) will be readonly to show limited information about all users to all users(I guess, it is your intention)

I assume you’re letting them register from some where not in Glide?

Yes, they are registering in a sheet not connected to this app. The user profile data is imported from that sheet by use of an arrayformula.

Probably not the cleanest solution but you could use Integromat to write the new values to the image column…or all the values for that matter.

I’ve had this same issue in every app that uses a formula/automation for the users table. Is there a way we can have the option to disable uploading of a new user profile image?

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The way I’ve handled this in the past is to use an arrayformula for the image column, combined with a trigger that clears the entire contents of the column (except for the header row) every time a change is made to the User Profiles sheet.

It doesn’t prevent users from uploading an image, but any time they do it’s immediately removed and replaced with the default image dictated by the arrayformula.


That would work…not ideal in the least, but solid workaround until Glide has something native.

I have put a Feature Request:
Data Editor “Mark as Read-Only” column setting