Data Editor "Mark as Read-Only" column setting

The Mark as Protected per-column setting in the data editor not only protects data but also makes the data invisible in app.

There are scenarios where the data should be protected but still visible in app.

Here is one case: User Profile Protection

A “Mark as read-only” setting should solve that problem.

if read-only, then don’t put any writing components in there… simple…
or if just this item… then use boolean column to mark it as read-only and make writing components visibility depend on that column

Good suggestions, but neither of them would help with Ralfs specific use case.


Because this:

i really dont understand the problem…what is the problem??? i’m reading these… and dont see the problem… if the picture in user profile is the problem… take it out

The problem is that you can’t stop a user from uploading a profile picture.
There are workarounds to remove it if they do, but it would be nice to be able to prevent it in the first place.

if there is no column for profile image… how they can upload it???

If there is no column for the profile image, then you can’t configure User Profiles.

configure it … and take out after… but still… i dont get what the problem is

Haven’t tried that, but it still don’t think it wouldn’t solve Ralf’s problem.
As I understand it, he wants every user to have the same profile image (which he sets), and not allow them to change it.

upload image, and single value it for the whole column

The image is set by the user in the members register app.

User profile data is dynamically transferred to various activity apps (Golf booking and Digital Scorecard) by the IMPORTRANGE/ARRAYFORMULA formulas.

like I said… go to User profile and disable user image… or cover the top line with CSS, so they don’t have access to the profile… and create your own profile page

The images should show in the activity apps!

you can show images wherever you want … however you want and make them editable if you want… i really cant understand the problem

The default built in user profile screen has an image upload button built into the user profile image. You can’t alter that part of the screen unless you dive into the CSS. There should be an option to disable the ability for a user to upload or overwrite that image. That way it can still be visible without the user overwriting the image, which may break a formula in the Google sheet that populates that image automatically.



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I have the same issue. My fix is to use an action (in whichever buttons) which overwrites whatever is the the user profile image with my app logo (a single value lookup, or template column with the image url). No need for fancy script, etc.

What’s wrong with my “Mark as Read-Only” request?
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