New "user" row created when I switch who I am "viewing as"

not sure why a new row is being added when I switch who I am viewing as.

I’m not seeing an image type column in your Users table, which suggests that you may not have User Profiles configured. Do you?

Also, as an aside, what’s with that “Password” column? Please don’t try and build your own authentication system. It won’t be secure, and all you’ll be doing is exposing your app - and your users data - to compromise.


Yes they are on. I just didn’t have a field for the picture. The first day I started with glide (not too long ago), I just started typing things I thought would be in a profile sheet. Never really touched it since as all the building was done in other sheets. At that time I still didn’t know how the privacy settings, row owner, user specific etc etc etc things worked.

Thats why the password field was there. Just a placeholder I guess when I randomly started playing around with things. Wouldn’t even know the first thing about building an authentication system. I’ve now deleted it.

Didn’t, or don’t?
If you don’t have an image type column in your users table, then it’s not possible to have user profiles properly configured.

I just checked. I didn’t have an actual image column, but the “image” field in user configuration was just set to a random “first name” column or something like that. So i guess thats why it was working.

Looks like everybody is having the same glitch as i am, glad it isn’t specific to me.

But the login got me thinking to a big issue in my app, so i’m glad you brought it up. I was using a “template” to bring in the user emails in my temporary table for a custom form. Once they checked out, i would write all the info into another sheet called “installations”. But the emails field would then become static in that installations table. So if someone changed their email, it would work fine in the temporary table, but any previous installation would not show up because the email is static. So i have to do it by RowID instead.

Yes, this is what I do (and recommend).
The only time I will use user email in a table that isn’t the User Profiles table is if I need Row Owners in that table.