Block users to download pictures from glide

Hello gliders, anyone could tell me how we can avoid the users to download pictures that other users have upload in the app since are private data. For instance the profile picture etc…? I tryed row owner but it didn’t work properly… Any tips will be apreciate ;)!

The only way to guarantee this is to use row owners.

In what way did it not work for you?

Well, because Ia have an inlinelist with name, surname and photo. When I marl the picture column as a row owner, the inlinelist dosen’t display any items. Not even the name or surname. So, I want the other users to see the profile picture but not be able to download it… Thanks for your time in advance :wink:

Yeah, in that case I’m afraid there isn’t anything that can be done.
If they can see the picture, they can download it. All a user has to do is view the page source and they’ll get the direct link to the file. Even if a user doesn’t know to do that, you can’t stop them from capturing it with a screen shot.

OK thanks. Understood.