Allow user to change avatar image

How would I set it up so that a user can change the image in their user profile tab? I tried making a form button with an image picker but that only writes to a new row in the Avatar image column.

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Is the image picker pointing to the column which you already have made for the avatars?

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Ya…use either the edit pencil, upload image action, or get fancy with a tap image -> link to screen -> this item -> image picker with a save button to show a notification and go back :slight_smile:


Awesome sauce, thanks Bob! Happy New Year to you and the family.

My app is almost finished…couldn’t have done it without you. Peace

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If I have the user rows set to row owner, should people be able to see other user’s image/avatar in that chat forum and in public comments?

When you use Row Owners, users will not have access to any rows of data that they do not own. They will only have access to data where they are a row owner. I would imagine that this also applies to comments/chat.

If the user filled out the name section of their profile though, I can see their name, so that’s why I was thinking I’d be able to see their avatar if they had chosen to upload one. It’s strange that I can see the user’s name, but not their avatar.

First of all, you can see all data in the glide data editor, but in reality, only owned data is accessible to the app.

That’s for your table data in general.

The built in chat and comments are kind of a different beast. They haven’t changed much in 3 years, and the data is all handled internally by glide. They kind of play by they own rules. I’m not even totally sure that the chat name and avatar have anything to do with user profiles. A lot of times, it seems like glide will ask for a name independent of what’s in the user profile. Also, it used to be that the avatar image was sourced from the Gravatar service, or by some other means.

I guess I wouldn’t totally rely on the chat and comments component accurately representing the same name an image from the user profile.

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