Not able to view other commenters name and profile photo

I am having an issue with the comments component. I have no issue with the comment appearing but I am not able to see other users names or profile pictures. I can only see the signed in users information. I want it so that you can see the other users name and profile picture (How comments typically work). The comments appear normally in the table but don’t appear correctly on the page.

Your user table probably has Row Owners enabled. If security of your user data is not important, then you can disable row owners. If security is vital, then I suggest writing the name and image to the comments table instead of pulling it in with a relation/lookup.


I’m not sure what row owners are and how to turn them off but that must be it. I just wrote the name and image directly to the comments table and that fixed it. I originally set it up that way but it wasn’t showing the images before, but it seems to be working now. Thank you!!!

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