User Profile not working when 2 apps have different profiles to same GS

For my restaurant deal app, fg-v2 is an app that customers log into and fg-v2rp is the portal that restaurant employees log into. I initially set up user profiles and onboarding per Robert Petito’s onboarding tutorial and it worked fine. When I tried to set up an onboarding experience for the restaurant employees, both profiles stopped working. For the app starting fg-v2, when a new user signs up, the profile screen that they should fill out is read only. Both apps use the same GS, although the user profiles are associated to different tabs in the different apps.

Have there been any issues with setting up user profiles in this way? I would think it would work, but maybe there is a limit with this type of set up.

Hi @matt. I have several “solutions” that use a pair of Glide apps, one for “users” and one for “administrators”. They access the same Google Sheet but use different tabs to hold User Profiles. They all work fine. I have never seen the “read only” issue that you describe.

Thanks for letting me know. Very strange…

I figured it out. Tired user error.