User Profile does not update after edit

Hi! I’m facing challenges with edits updating on a my user profile screen I created in my app. I have two screens setup

  1. Welcome Screen! I setup visibility conditions-”Show tab when Name is empty & Filter data- Email is signed in user.”

I then added a button for users to “Create their proile” & chose the action to “Show edit screen”.

  1. Profile Screen - I added visibility conditions-Show tab when Name is not empty & Filter data-Email is signed in user. Then as a component a “Profile Container”. Within the profile container, I added an option for users to “Edit their profile” & chose the action to “Show edit Screen” & chose the slide-in feature.

When I test out editing the user profile & make updates, everything stays the same. Nothing updates on the Profile screen & user profile in the database. I’m not sure if I’m missing any steps or if my visibility conditions or filter days are incorrect.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Difficult to say based just on your description. Do you mind adding a few screen shots?

Hi! So sorry! Here are the screenshots:

Okay, so that Edit Profile button shown on your second screen shot does Show Edit Screen → This item, yes?

Can I see a screen shot of that edit screen, please?

Can you show me a screen shot of your User Profiles table in the Glide Data Editor? (hide any personal data that should not be exposed).

Also, when you switch to viewing as a different user, do you see the correct screen?

Here’s a screenshot where I have the Action-Show Edit Screen” applied to in my Profile Container>Title (highlighted in blue) & components

Screenshots of user profile from the database:

In regards to the last question: I see the correct screen when I view as the signed in user.

One thing that immediately sticks out at me is that “Type of User” column, which is User Specific.
What is that column used for, and do you have any other User Specific columns in your Users table?
Normally you don’t need those, especially if you are using Row Owners - which you are.

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Hi Darren,
Thanks so much for your assistance.

The type of user column is set up for: those that are looking to start a business, startups, seasoned entrepreneurs, & students. I did have this column as user-specific & just updated this remove this criteria. Thanks so much for catching this error!

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So does removing that help with the problem you mentioned originally?

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Hello Darren,
Unfortunately, the user profile is still not updating when changes are made.

I have to admit I’m at a loss to explain why this isn’t working for you. As far as I can see, you have it setup correctly. The only thing I’d say is the filter “email is signed in user” isn’t necessary, because you have Row Owners on your Email column. But that wouldn’t make any difference to the problem you’re having.

Maybe @Jeff_Hager or @ThinhDinh can spot something that I’m not seeing.

Walk me through your process when updating the profile. I assume you click the edit button, change certain values on your slide-in edit screen, and then click on the submit button to save it, correct? I assume your entry components on that edit screen point to the correct columns in your user table, but can you show the configuration for one or two of those entry components?

Do you have any On Submit actions on your edit form?

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Thanks so much again for your assistance!:pray: I will follow up with those you recommended.

Hello Jeff,
Thank you so much for taking a look at my question and your feedback!

Would it work best if I provided a link to the app (not published yet) or add screenshots?

It would be best if you can add screenshots or a video. We’re trying to see your flow and if there are any problems before the edit is committed.

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Here’s a video on how the user profile is set up in the database and layout screen. Please let me know if there are any issues viewing the video and I will upload it again. Thank you so much!:pray:

User Profile set-up in Glideapps

We can’t access your video, because it is not public.

But I’m not sure that it has the information that Jeff asked for:

If we can get the answers to Jeff’s questions, I think we might be very close to solving your problem.
We need to see (or understand) how you interact with the Edit screen - the one you talked about here:

If you’re not using that Edit form correctly, that may explain why the data isn’t saving.

Thanks so much! I will work on redoing the screenshots. I’m a complete beginner! So thank you all for your patience!

Is there a way that I could make the video public? It shows an easier flow then the screenshots.

You could try making a short video using It’s much better for sharing.

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