Is there a glitch? I can't get access into my user profile tab for the users of an app;

When I click the edit button it goes blank. I cannot edit the user profile page

Is this in the builder?
Are you “Viewing as” an actual user that exists in your User Profiles?


So what you are seeing is normal. You need to select a user to view as.

I did

Can you show a couple of screen shots please?

It goes completely blank

Okay, that’s a bit odd. What happens if you exit the app to your Glide dashboard and then open the app again?

Also, can you show a screenshot of the data editor view of your Users table?

I tried going out and coming back in same thing.

Can you help me please?

Okay, that looks okay.
Only other thing I can suggest is to double check your User Profile settings, and ensure each data value is pointing at the correct column.

Did you make any changes to your app before this started happening?

Yes, I changed the approve access to allow admin to approve changes to the users

Do you have time for a quick call?

No, but if you want to give me access to your app I can take a look. Send me a private message.

As per private messages, I’ve looked at your app and I believe this might be a bug.
I’ve reported it to Glide support for you. It may be a while before there is any update. If I hear anything, I’ll update here.

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@Josette_Cole-Pinnix - Glide Support advised me that a fix was being deployed for your issue. Is it resolved now?

It looks so. Thanks. I’ll monitor it.