🔧 User Profile Columns in Add & Form Screens

If you have enabled User Profiles in your app, you can submit User Profile columns in Form & Add screens.

Submitting User Profile column values is particularly useful when it comes to Roles as it allows you to automatically secure the row that gets added and make it accessible only to people with the same role as the person who added it.

We now therefore have a distinction between Screen Columns & User Profile columns.
Learn more in the docs: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/values/user-profile-columns


Yes! Super helpful. Now you can pass alternative identification to form logs (like Employee ID# or RowID) to later form relations/lookups. One step closer to allowing our users to change their email addresses without repercussion.


FANTASTIC - been waiting for this! Please pass on to team, make these available in EDIT as well! :smile:

@Jeff_Hager @Manu.n



@JackVaughan can someone at Glide explain why neither Screen Columns nor User Profile columns are available in the Edit screen? If a row of data was updated with a Form or Add screen that used a Screen Column or User Profile column to update any of the fields, it may be helpful (or in some cases very important) to pass new or updated Screen/User Profile Column data to that field. This would cut down on the amount of Google Scripts needed to write that kind of hidden data to columns upon edit. The calculations or conditional logic would be done on Glides end and that data would be passed by Screen or User Profile Column.