User Privacy login Issue

Hey Folks,

An update recently been rolled out to the Apps

Similar to the one in the Pages which is having the sign-in emails by the profile tab specified previously we had the chance to separate the profile tab from the login sheet which gives us the ability to use the Google sheet to filter out status off users and based on it if this user is active then by the filter in Google sheet in the access will b able to let the user use the app we were using this method because we don’t want to delete the user email from the database but only to disable the access from logging in to the application and keep the data files which sometimes we are using relations by the user email not b anything else and if we deleted the email so we can revoke the access for the users this will create a mess in the relations. We will lose most of the data relations that are being mapped by using email.

Recently in the glide tables, we couldn’t have the same ability with Google sheet to filter out from another table only active users which now gives us only one way which is clearing out the email value to be to disable the login.

Another bug now is most of our old configured app which is a lot now changed to only to the editors in the Team !!

So what’s the game now? How are we going to overcome this? Am I the only one facing this?

Yeah, I know what you mean, and it’s a problem.

I think now the only way to “disable” a user in a Private app (whilst retaining their user profile row) will be to change/randomise their email address. This means that you would need to avoid using the email address to build any relations. In my case, I rarely do that so it’s not as big an issue as it otherwise might be.

The good news is that apps that were already using a separate white list table don’t appear to be affected, and so hopefully they will continue to work as before.

@david I pointed this issue out a month or so ago back when you mentioned that this change was coming.