Urgent❗ Chrome security warning

Suddenly GDE and the application appear below (regarding security) @SantiagoPerez.

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Same message to my work… What’s going on? … pls, your help

Same issue here, and same issue on the users browsers (not only Chrome, Opera too)

Same here. Is something wrong? Should we worry?

Thanks for flagging! Do you have a link to this project?


@comercely could you share a link to the app?

Thank Santiago, this is not a particular problem, please. Right now I’m busy serving the user how to bypass this display-blocking warning.

APPEARs to be be is when I try go to the data editor
mine is Glide

I understand but I cannot reproduce this at the moment. So if you could share a link to one of those apps showing the issue it would be really helpful.

@comercely Does this happen to you when trying to access the builder? Or a published project?

well to me is when I try access the builder yes, in the data editor tap

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Thanks that is helpful. Trying to reproduce.

Where are you all located?

I also get this warning, also only since about an hour ago. Never had it ever before. I started using Glide 3 years ago. Comes up when i use the data editor or my glide pages tab that has a editable data grid. I can bypass the dangerous warning by clicking Details button and click visit this unsafe site (but obviously thats not an ideal solution, just temporary fix)

This what the address bar says next to Glides url


Thanks for this information! That is really helpful. So to clarify, this happens when in the builder trying to access the Data Grid or the Data Grid component. Did I get that right?


Could you share a support link to that project and your location, please?

Is it safe sending my app link, how do i do that securely?


You can share the support link here or privately. Only Glide has access to it.

Where are you located?

No, it happens when opening the app in GDE and in the real app.

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