Is there an issue?

We can’t sign into the builder and the Apps seem to be off line.

Is there an issue ?


Same problem here!

I use SSO from google. It seems to get past the authentication, but when trying to load the builder, it fails and then kicks you back out to the sign in screen.

Same here, they must be deploying a new interface.

same here. not getting in with google auth

they are reporting a major issue

based in usa

Glide’s aware…they’re on it.

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Thanks all, we’re on it. Will update this thread as soon as we have more info.

Same problem.

Hello, look there… we must just wait.

Looks like the issue with the upstream provider has subsided. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue here in the thread.

I appear to have lost data in the outage period. Am I on my own?

Do we have the exact period the outage occurred so I can review the logs on my side and see what needs to be reinstated?

We also are experiencing erratic color pixelization in the Glide Editor tables as we scroll from left to right and up and down the rows. All apps have been like this since we upgraded our Chrome OS on our Chromebooks to the latest build Version 107.0.5304.92 (Official Build) (32-bit).

This appears to specific to the Chrome OS upgrade because we have other machines running the previous build that are unaffected.

Just wanted to bring it to the communities attention in case anyone else is having the same issue.

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