⛔ Hackers defender

I got an exciting challenge from @Jeff_Hager… can Glide data be hacked…
I do not know for sure… but please try to hack this:

You can save data under any User Name and Password… then hack that data after refreshing…
Can you see other users’ records if you do not know the User Name and Password?
I’m inquisitive if this can be done to my App.

Ps: this is only for advanced coders… if you are a no-code Glide user, you might not understand the power of this App.

Notice… that you are not logged in…, and there is no option to log in… but the next time you open this app… enter the name and password… all the records you entered will show up… and you can’t hack them :wink:

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@Jeff_Hager Any success getting data from my App? Can I call my system secured?

I see many attempts to hack it… nothing went through… so I call my method the most secure! Only the owner of the App can see all data. Not even Glide has access.

After 69 attacks… my system is still standing, LOL

Thank all of you who tried. After over 150 attempts… my defender is still unbreakable! I understand that you don’t want to post any comments about the experience of hacking my data, but I am just letting you know that I appreciate it.

I see that the list of Hackers is growing :wink: I’m fascinated by some of your creativity…

“concatenate(B1:ZZZ)” Ashburn guy… nice try, lol.

Ok, after five days and so many hacking attempts by many different users… I’m calling my system Perfectly Secured!
Thank you all for helping!

@Jeff_Hager, what is your take on independent Google Sheets? I was hoping you would give some words of wisdom… and it is not fair that you called me so many times on this subject and remained silent when I posted an elementary example… without even encoding…


I have absolutely no idea about how security works, but the fact that a few people here set up a password through your method and even fewer tried to crack it – with presumably limited knowledge in hacking – cannot be considered proof that your system is secure.

Just a few questions I would ask myself:

  • Where are the passwords stored? In Google Sheets? If so, that’s not secure.

  • How are the passwords stored? Are they encrypted and with what encryption? If not and especially if they are in the clear, then that’s not secure.

In my view, the only sign-in method that can be considered acceptably secure to access a Glide app is using Glide’s native security and access settings.

No… Are You saying Google Sheets are less secure than Glide? :wink: all I did was place my users in the google account that is not connected to Glide… nobody cracked it.
And trust me… I had all of them trying.

I’m in no position to say how Glide and Google Sheets’ security compare. No clue.

Storing passwords in Google Sheets is not a serious practice, you know this perfectly well. In fact I would say that storing any type of sensitive information in Google Sheets is insecure. I have nothing to back this up, perhaps I’ve been brainwashed too many times.

What you managed to do could still have valuable applications, I’m not saying otherwise.

So you are saying storing passwords in Glide is a better idea? They were proving that it is not a good idea to share any sensitive data in Glide or Google tables… my point is… I can store sensitive data in Google Sheets… no one will touch it. (besides me, of course)
60% of my Customers are not using Glide… but I love Glide… because I can make great solutions fast…
I know how to give them unlimited words of data and the simplicity of no code…

I’ve never attempted to store passwords in Glide and I wouldn’t.

I believe one of the computed columns is a SHA256 encryption column, I’ve never used it. Perhaps this could be used to encrypt data?

For the most secure access, I would use Glide’s native settings.

Yes, Glide perhaps has good security… all I’m saying is I have a better one…
@nathanaelb thank you for breaking the silence on this topic… (I might be banned again)

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And look at that…AI will decide what is wrong or right. LOL

The bottom line is… Glide is the best platform out there I have ever dealt with… no questions about that… All I’m saying is… (without giving too much) so many developers can bring so much business to Glide… if they are not too scared to give an inch of freedom

As long as those who use your method err on the side of caution.

Maybe you don’t see it this way, but your expertise and influence here serve both the community and Glide. They go hand in hand, one doesn’t go without the other. When you serve, if you’re not careful, you can also dis-serve both, despite your good intentions and enthusiasm.

In this particular instance, the method you’ve designed to allow users to set a username and password is novel and the method could be useful. At the same time, the data in projects using this method could be at risk. To me, this could be considered both serving and potentially hurting the community. What do I know :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe could you apply your method to non-sensitive data?

All data is stored somewhere and can be seen by someone… My method is to reduce it to just two … Google and Me (or whoever owns the sheet), and if you think that no business does not use Google services… you wrong… Google has shots down the whole world two times already… it happens for a brief time… but it did happen, and 95% of the business at some point is using Google services. So I will stick to the source… unless I have my own.

@nathanaelb thank you for your input… I love talking to you… as you see this topic has many views… but only you took the time to say something… You are a great explorer.

It’s impressive how you push the limits of the tool, now that’s the spirit of innovation. As long as we all keep the best interest of Glide and the community at heart :slight_smile:

Dont worry… I do not share my secrets… I make Apps for my paid customers… and they do not know how I do what I do… and even if they take the time to analyze it… it will be almost zero effect on Glide… but because I share what can be done… Glide is gaining a lot of paid Users.

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I can’t resist lol… I see @Jeff_Hager active… can you please say that it is secure?

Jeff, if you can hack that data, there is a nice message for you there…

I will not count if someone says they can see these rows lol…