Upload Quota?

I have an app with images. It is a free plan.

I know it was approaching the 200MB limit for a free app. I deleted some images so that I could reduce their size and re-upload them.

I get:

When I go to the pricing page, I don’t see a limit listed for uploads, but only for storage.

Am I missing something?

Even more strange, it looks like the team the app is in has not been changed to the new team plan.

It might take some time for the deleted image to be completely removed from the Glide storage, and you should also make sure the link isn’t referenced anywhere else.

Your uploads consume the storage quota, I think that’s what they mean.

Is it a folder you created before the teams migration?

Yes it was created before the migration. I thought they were gonna change all the teams to the new teams.

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They are, but not for everybody yet. If you want to be an early adopter, you need to reply in the below thread.

I have already moved all my apps out of the my apps folder into team folders. But some of the teams are legacy team is. It was my understanding that they were gonna be doing all of those. I saw a message from somebody Is at Glide saying that they were gonna do it over a weekend.