My Apps will soon migrate to teams & team-based plans

Before Glide had teams, everyone had an unlimited folder of apps called My Apps. These apps could only be edited by you, and could be upgraded individually. We introduced teams over two years ago, but left My Apps alone.

Recently, we disabled many features of My Apps, such as the ability to create new apps or upgrade existing apps, to help us focus on developing features for teams.

We will soon start converting My Apps folders to teams, initially for people with only free apps in their My Apps folders. If you’d like to go through this migration early as a test, let us know in this thread.

This will give you a few benefits:

  • Restore your ability to create and upgrade apps
  • Access to new privacy settings, including team-based app access
  • Access to new team plans (e.g. unlimited Pro apps for $99/mo)
  • Ability to add collaborators

There is also one major drawback: you will be limited by team-level usage limits; for example, on the Free team plan, you are limited to 1k updates/mo across all of your team’s apps, or 200MB of file storage total across all of your team’s apps.

This file storage limit used to be 100MB per app for free apps, so many My Apps users with many apps already use more than 200MB total across all of your apps, so you will hit this limit upon migration.


  1. Delete unused apps to free up the space used by their files
  2. After the migration, upgrade to Starter for up to 5GB of storage across all apps under My Apps, if you need more storage
  3. If you have any important apps in My Apps today, I suggest you move them to a team, and upgrade that team if needed, to exercise full control over the availability of that app

Why are we doing this?

Removing legacy features like this allows us to move Glide forward–for example, we want to build a new dashboard with folders and better team management, but we need to remove My Apps completely before we can do this.

We’re sorry if this migration is inconvenient for you, but it helps us ultimately make Glide better for everyone.


You can sign me up as a migration tester.

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Hey @David! Couple quick questions:

  1. What if users still have Legacy Pro Apps in their My Apps folder? What happens when My Apps migrates?
  2. One of my accounts still has a My Apps folder with a legacy “referral bonus” that I’m still leveraging. What happens to that additional row bonus?


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  • We don’t know what we are doing with Legacy Pro apps yet – at some point we will force you to change to a new plan
  • Referral row bonuses will also migrate

Please sign me up.

Well, that was fast. The Glide dev team wastes no time… Everything looks and works great. The only thing I noticed is that a couple of the apps have changed order/position on the projects page.

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Hello, currently the teams do not respect the bonuses obtained by referrals, that will change with the migration? Best regards

Hello, please migrate my apps to team. Plz and TY

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Hi @david I am assuming the referral row bonuses will apply to one workspace?
And, therefore, by extension, to all apps in that workspace?

Please correct me if I am interpreting this wrong.

Context: I have 201 referrals under My Apps.

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Please sign me up.

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@david you can migrate me now. I had already moved my active apps, but had one in construction mode (not published) that I was unable to move because it started out as a template, so this will help me keep this app where it is. Thanks!

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This.Such as me , i don’t want to be forced to 99 Team plans because is said its needed to move forward , this is not the right way to do.

Can i stay paying my Legacy price for my pro app?

David , to force someone who always gave their trust is not a good thing ,
sorry but this is really disappointing me , 99 , for how many app i want is not a good plan for who need just one.Its too much, entire world is suffering and going into recession , salary are very low , may seem ridicolous to you ,i hope its not but even 32 at month are not few ,also because Glide doesn’t offer a payment system to protect and sell screens , still for customizing the app we need to use ( luckily ) the rich text editor with css and no new components are being shown since so long , no audio player with playlist etc …so to integrate those missing features we must use Zapier, Make, imagekit , javascript audio players , moonclerk etc and guess what all this is not for free . I really love Glide but i have to make a reality check, i will stay till you won’t put me in the only choice to leave.With love and sadness , a Glide fan.

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Sorry, @Manu_Marea – thank you for your love and support, but we have to move forward and turn off these old features and plans eventually. Good luck.

So this is enough for you , bye bye and good luck…nice.Those old features and ones who paid for brought you here.Can you at least tell what pro users will lose going to starter plan , ex. will i have the webviews?Will i have the white label , can i use ( can you check my pro app and tell me ) the features i have if i’m gonna lose 'em or not and most of all , can you give us , we old features legacy users, till next Spring? We paid always, can you ?

You can do starter and add white label for an extra $10. You can have a custom domain without paying the extra $10. You will also still have web embeds.

Here is the breakdown of features.


Hello @david

I just found out this change, since I didn’t receive any mail on this subject. So these days updates were being counted and I didn´t know; I reached the limit and my app is blocked.

I suppose it happened because I have 2 apps built over one database. One of them is for the users, and the other is for my management purposes. In the management app, I have A LOT of editable text and switches, so the number of edits rapidly grows.

I think the first one will go ok with the 1.000 edits per month in the free plan, but the second one I just unpublished.

I need to restore my main app (the only one I left published) in the free plan, for now. Would you please tell me how can I do that as soon as possible?

Thank you very much!