Referral bonuses, boosts, and grandfathering to be removed April 1

We need to simplify Glide’s legacy billing features to make Glide faster, more stable, and easier to build new features.

Towards this end, we are removing the following as soon as April 1:

  1. Referral bonuses. If you have any referral bonuses, they will go to zero.
  2. Boosts. If you purchased boosts, they will be removed from your account.
  3. Grandfathering. You probably don’t even know what this is, but apps made in 2019 were given unlimited rows and access to other paid features forever. These special grants are being removed.

If you rely on any of these benefits, please upgrade if needed to ensure your apps continue to work. We are also working to email affected users before these changes land.


I do know what grandfathering apps are as I was there from the very start so mine is one of them.
Could you clarify what it means if my grandfathered app is already above 500 rows? Will I still keep the additional rows? Thanks

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Probably not.

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Yeah, also was a little confused with this announcement. We have one of our apps (Paid Annual Pro App) in the old “My Apps” tab with 800 users and probably 1200 rows. Is this the announcement we have been anticipating that means ALL apps in “My Apps” should now be moved to one of our “Team” accounts?

We didn’t have any referral bonuses or boosts and I don’t know if we were Grandfathered, but just trying to understand if this is the ITS NOW TIME TO MOVE THOSE OLD PRO APPS message. :roll_eyes:

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Hm. Could be. I need to do the same. I have 4 grandfathered pro apps that I’ve been rebuilding over the past couple weeks just in case.

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It’s just that we need more clarity here. Were ALL of those apps left in the old “My Apps” considered “Grandfathered”? If so, that means “Ya Gotta Go” right? Need David and Glide to say that outright, because weren’t we told that there would be a migration plan or super discounts for making the move out of the “My Apps” platform into teams?

We do already have a monthly “Pro” team account with apps in it but moving this one app with 800+ users will impact the numbers in that new Team account AND the “New” Pro Team pricing has now limited Public Users to 500, so “What to do?” is the new question. Where are the migration incentives?

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@Carbonsquare no, this is only about Free apps, not paid (legacy Pro) ones.


Ah, David you answered while I was typing. Thanks for clarifying that. Whew! :smiling_face:

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Good to know!

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Honestly, it’s very hard for us to understand our own billing system at this point, because we have customers on four different versions of our pricing, and we have these old special rules.

Only apps on the latest pricing are supported in any way. We simply can’t figure out or guarantee the behavior of apps on old plans. Let’s call it a trade—you can stay on old, beneficial pricing at your own risk.


Sounds fair to me!


Thank you for sharing this information. As a user who has benefited from these programs, I feel grateful for the opportunity I had to use them. I understand that GlideApps needs to take steps to ensure the sustainability of the product and I will continue to support you on your journey.


Does it mean that we can’t get referral bonuses anymore since 1 April 2023? How’s about program revenues prior to such a date? My PartnerStack dashboard informed there’s program revenues created on January 2023 up to March 2023.

Thank you in advance

Might be a question for @NoCodeAndy .


Heya @Bungchow_IDEApps!

The referral bonus is a legacy feature with our billing system. Our Affiliate, Ambassador, and Expert programs – all running in PartnerStack – aren’t affected by this.

Hi @NoCodeAndy… Thanks for your response!

Does it mean I still deserve to receive the referral bonus? Actually, I create a specific team for each clients of mine on my Glide account. Is it ok, isn’t it?


The safest way to get your Expert referral reward is to have your clients sign up for Glide through your PartnerStack referral link. Once they’ve done that, invite them to a team. :+1:

Oh OK, well noted. Thanks a lot :+1: