My applications migrated to teams, did I lose my benefits for referrals?

Hello, I’m sorry to become a complaint user.
I think Glide is fantastic.
I found out that the bonuses that I had obtained for referring other people to use Glide will no longer be able to be enjoyed if the lines but not the updates.
Shouldn’t we at least keep the benefits earned?
and from this stage stop having for new referrals?

Best regards

I adhere to my friend and colleague that the benefits already won and granted should not be taken away.

The referral bonus was for rows and ‘sheet reloads.’ We no longer have the concept of sheet reloads, and our new Updates are much broader than what sheet reloads granted.

Also, the original premise of our referral program was that you were only rewarded with referrals while the accounts you referred remained active. If we enforce this, you will lose practically all of your bonuses. Instead, we are granting you the bonus even if your referrals are no longer active, so we are being generous.

Referrals are no longer functional by the way—you cannot gain more referral bonuses for the time being.


Thanks for your answer. Cheers