Hi everybody, i have a doubt.
With the new plans, how are the quotas that were earned by referrals, are they still respected? Or do they have an expiration period?
when he is outside the teams he respects them and within the teams he only leaves me the minimum
Thank you

@SantiagoPerez do you have an answer for this?

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Hola @Tuttografica

Those referral rows are only used in the My Apps team. If you move the app out of that team you will not get them. This has been like that ever since the referral was created.

You will continue to have them as long as the app is in that team.


Thank you Santiago

Thanks, Santiago.

But creation of new projects in My Apps seems to be disabled (at least in my account). Does that mean I can no longer use the bonus referral rows (other than for Apps I had created under My Apps in the past)?

It has been disabled since Glide introduced the new teams plan, as I understand.

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