Updates keeps increasing with no published projects

The video shows the update tracker in glide is increasing at around 1 per minute while there are no published apps on the team plan. None of the editors are using the app at the time. I would like to inquire what exactly would count as an update in glide.

My app uses google script. Does running the script without changing any of the data causes an update?
My app uses join / split in the google sheet. Does changing the value of one cell in the sheet causes multiple updates or single update?

In addition, I went into an old project in a different team and opened up the google sheet and glide tracked three updates for opening the google sheet. Is that the correct value?

Thanks for the help in advance

It looks like about 60% of your updates are Syncs. Do you have extra sync mode enabled?

That possibly might account for it, although if none of your Apps are published, it might be a bug - because it should only kick in when the App is in use.

Also, do you use AirTable as a data source for any of your Apps? I believe that AirTable can chew up quite a few syncs.

All projects are under normal sync mode. I’m not using AirTables at all, just google sheets.

Okay. I agree that it definitely doesn’t look right.
I can also see that you’re only a couple of days into your billing cycle.
Have you recently switch from a legacy plan to a team plan?
I’m aware of at least one other instance where updates weren’t correctly applied when somebody switched plans.

In any case, I can see that you have a Pro Team Plan, so you’re entitled to Glide Support. So I’d suggest submitting a support ticket.

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We switched from a legacy team plan about a year ago. So it’s not recent. I did send in a support ticket, I was just wondering if anyone on the forum has encountered the same issue. I guess I will wait until Monday for the support reply. Thank you for your help.

Do you have the google sheet open in a separate tab all of the time? Does your google sheet have any time based logic that would cause values to update continuously?

If you have a Google Sheet open in your browser, it will continuously send changes to Glide to sync.

App Scripts running on timers might also send new data to Glide as well.

When your Google Sheet is changed, it sends changes to Glide, and those count as Syncs.

Hi. So the google sheet was open during the video recording; however, the number increases even after the sheet is closed. There are two types of scripts that I am currently running. One is time based, triggering once per day. The second one is change based. The change based script generates a PDF and attaches the link to the generated PDF back into the google sheet. If the column that houses the link is not empty, then the script would exit without changing any values in the sheet. My questions are: 1. Would running the script without changing value be considered a sync? 2. Would the counter increase even though the app is not published? Thank you.

For more information. Our team actually made a duplicate of the app on a separate free team plan. The same google scripts were added and enabled in the duplicate app. The update counters for that team plan; however, does not increase at all.